8800 GTS problem! please help

I just bought and BFG 8800 GTS 512mb to upgrade mi 7600 gs, the problem is that when I put the 8800 in my system it all works fine, but I realiazed that my dvd optical drive didnt work! It only reads CD`s but not DVD`s, so I put back my 7600 gs an the dvd worked just fine, reads CD and DVD ... what is the problem?? I think is because of the 6 pin conector or some cable =S ..well I dont know! please help me!
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  1. is it a video display problem (as in the drive detects dvds but wont play the movie). This could be the result of some kind of driver issue. Make sure you have the latest drivers installed for your card (download from the nvidia website).

    Or rather, does your system not detect the dvd at all? Not as sure about what this one could be...though more likely a power/drive issue than a driver issue. By the way, check device manager to see if there are any issues (yellow exclamation points) with either your video or your disk reading hardware.
  2. I also check that of the device manager and I see there is no problem, but I realized when I doble check the dvd hardware it opens a windows and its says that "Windows didnt find any error on this hadrware" but below it says something like "windows didnt start the right driver" something like that! well I will check the driver for my video card because it was beta and no WHQL. Please any suggestion!! continue helpign me please!!!
  3. but actually there is a driver that is WHQL for mi 8800 GTS 512??? because i only found betas!
  4. Well i found 165.25 driver that are actually WHQL and have support for 8800gts 512, but it didnt work!I have the same problem, Please helpme!"
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