Help me troubleshoot...Please.....!!!

I have Acer computer with Windows Vista installed. I'm sure this problem not related to the operating system. The pc sometimes boot (with beep sound )sometimes does not boot (no beep sound). It just random. I have tried remove one stick of ram (2x 512MB DDR2), but same result, it just sometimes boot and sometimes don't. I also tried clear the BIOS/CMOS (when it successfully boot), same result. Could it be a bad power supply? Could it be the BIOS itself? I have same pc with same hardware (actually from government, I got two same PC specs), no problem.

FYI, I tried run Memtest (All unused RAM), I leave it maybe 20 minutes or more, when I came back it showed blue screen, but i forgot to write down the blue screen error.

Can you guys help me? Any ideas?

Again, sometimes the pc boot (with beep sound), with display and successfully reach the desktop. But sometimes it wont boot (no beep sound) but the pc really does have power with blinking light, CPU fan spinning. I just random.
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  1. It could be failed RAM stick or the RAM slot.

    Run it only with one. Try all slots separately.
  2. Make sure the RAM is pushed in all the way! But try it in the safe mode(press F8 in the BIOS post). 512MB might not enough to run the system.
  3. I have tried that, removed other stick and let the other stick inserted. I also tried changing the RAM to each slot. Same result, it just give this weird problem randomly. But I think the problem might be on the BIOS or the power supply. The BIOS date turned back to 2007 without restoring to its default settings (F9).

    The motherboard is Acer EG31M V.1.0 (as stated on the motherboard near between the CPU and RAM slot)

    So any more ideas?
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