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Stop printer in the middle of a project!!!!
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    Stop printer in the middle of a project!!!!

    When the printer is printing, there may be a printer icon in the system tray unless the document is very small or the printer has a built-in page buffer. It was there, but Windows considered the document finished, and the icon disappeared as the print spooler completed delivering all data to the printer.

    If it appears while printing, right-click it and select "Cancel all Documents."
    If the printer dialog box shows up for the printer, click "Printer" and the select "Cancel all Documents"

    If the printer has a page buffer, there may be yet another icon in the tray specifically put there by the printer driver/utility and it will have a cancel print jobs feature.
  2. if above is not working, simply power the printer down.

    Is it a network printer? Then you need to hunt with netshark to see who is printing to it, or change it's IP to see who gets mad.
  3. you need to add while printer is off clear cache, or printer will resume when turned back on
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