Switching primary and secondary mouse buttons problem in some games

I play games left handed and so I enabled the "switch primary and secondary mouse buttons" option in windows. For most games this works fine, but ocasionally I play a game that won't accept that I've switched my mouse buttons. Obviously I can rebind the keys but its still very annoying that in every menu/ingame action aside from shooting I can't click the options with my index finger. I have had this problem in windows XP, Vista, and Vista 64 (which I am running now).

I was wondering 2 things:
-Is it possible to switch the mouse buttons on a hardware level or somewhere else that will make this take effect in all games?
-With mice that you can load hardware profiles on (like the razor diamondback), is it possible to switch the buttons on the hardware so it take effect in all games?

Games primary/secondary mouse button switch works on:
World in Conflict, Call of Duty 4, all Half life 2 & HL1 games, WC3, WoW, most other games I've played over the years

Games primary/secondary mouse button switching doesn't work on:
Bioshock, STALKER

Thanks for the help
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  1. I have a diamondback razer which has an option for left handed in the settings. Also as the mouse is neutrally shaped it's perfect for a left hander, tho as a right hander I've never really understood the whole ergonomic shaped mice thing anyway.
  2. To get around that problem I simply use the mouse with my right hand even though I'm left handed. Been doing so for years, so using a mouse with my left hand would be kinda weird.

    When space flight sims were all the rage, I used a joystick left handed.

    It seems like the Razor Diamondback is your best bet.
  3. Thanks for the replies, I am actually right handed but my dad made me learn to use the mouse with my left hand when I was a little kid (**** weird I know) and I haven't really been able to use my right hand for mousing since. I have tried switching to my right hand a couple of times, but I have been playing FPS games competitively for years and I end up giving up after a week or 2 of feeling like a retarded newb. I will try the diamondback and hopefully it works.
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