USB Mouse Not Working on Laptop

I have an HP G6000 notebook that is working fine except that when I try to connect certain USB Mouse devices to it they are not installed correctly. The installation routine starts as normally but always ends up saying that the device has not been installed successfully.

Strangely, one wirelss usb mouse installs and works fine.

I have tried running Linux Mint from a USB stick and all the mice work fine, so that seems to rule out the hardware as the problem.

I'm guessing that an .inf file is corrupted but what one?

Incidentally, the touchpad device works fine as do the usb ports for any other device that is plugged in..

Any advice greatly appreciated.

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  1. . Hi. Go to device manager click on unknown device(yellow marked) Click update driver. select "browse my computer for driver software" followed by "let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer" and then under "mice and other pointing devices" instead of selecting "USB Browser mouse" (which it is) select "HID-Compliant mouse click then install it. (If there is no yellow exclamation mark continue from update driver anyway)
  2. I forgot to add that I've already tried that with no success. There were no conflicts but I uninstalled all the USB devices and HID-Compliant Mouse, etc to see if it would work.
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