overclocking my system

i have a: Q6600 go stepping cpu
4GB 800mhz ram
abit Dark Raider IP35 motherboard
nvidia 8800GTS (getting a 4870X2 when it comes out).

i got my computer to 3.4GHz
1500mhz FSB
900mhz RAM

but it was a bit unstable, i increased the voltage to the cpu and ram slightly but im new to voltage increases so didnt want to take it that high.

now i have it running stable at
1426mhz FSB
857mhz RAM

idle is 36oC so i think thats good.

my fan is a artic freezer pro 7 and it handled the 3.4GHz processor, i just needed to increase the voltage to make it more stable but as im new to increasing the voltage i didnt want to take it that high.

do u guys think thats good?
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  1. Uhh, yeah, yeah! Sure we do!

    But it is best if you list mother board type, and then the voltages you have tried to use already.

    And then run Core Temp or Real Temp, and also list what they say your VID is, as well as mention the voltages and stuff you have already tried.

    You can use CPUz to look at the current voltage going to your processor while in windows if you had it on auto. :)

    And have you tested using any sort of tool like Prime 95, small ffts torture test on all the cores?
  2. the voltage in the bios said it was 1.285v or something like that. ive upped it to 3.025V, it was the setting above and the ram is at 2.1V.

    cpu-z shows that everything is fine. i havent tried prime 95 yet but i will tonight and see how it goes
  3. 3.025V?! Please don't say thats your vCore?!
  4. lol no sorry i typed that wrong. that would be stupid to have it at that setting. i meant to type it as 1.3025V.
  5. OK, yeah. Thats much better. Sad thing is my experience with my own Q6600 shows that you'll need exponentially more energy to get to higher clocks.

    I can do:
    3.2ghz 1.28volts
    3.48ghz 1.4volts
    3.6ghz 1.48volts

    As you can see, if your chip is anything like mine, well your not going much further but on the flip side you could have a better chip than I do but rather safe than sorry eh?

    Edit: Try 400x8, it needs similar volts to your using now if not exactly the same, generates the same clock speed but widens your FSB a bit helping with memory performance.
  6. im gunna try prime 95 before and see how it goes for 15mins. if its stable ill try what you suggested and see how it goes.

    i have tried 440 with a 8X multiplier but it froze when windows was logging in. ill give it a go and let you know how it goes :D
  7. i just ran prime 95 and using Real Temp.

    Prime is ok but sometimes it says that 1 core has stopped working, says there 1 error. btw im running at 3.2GHz.

    i dont know if this is a problem or not, i had it on the most stressful test and i dont know of any program out there which will put as much stress on the processor as prime95 would.
  8. daemon, you'd want to run Prime95 for 8-24 hours with no errors, whatsoever. When you can do that you'll know the overclock is rock solid.
  9. Generall when prime fails on a core you dont have enough vcore. And 15 minutes don't mean that it is stable.
  10. Set your RAM to 1:1 then you can do 1600FBS without overclocking your RAM. Your RAM might be holding you back.

  11. i cant get it to 1600FSB, the motherboard doesnt like it. im doin prime95 atm and ill see how it goes. i dont want to increase the voltage anymore. its at 1.3475V and im using a artic freezer pro 7.
  12. That does seem like a bit of voltage, which might mean a bit of heat with that CPU cooler. What kind of core temps are you seeing with Prime95 running?
  13. ive set my pc at

    350bus speed
    840mhz RAM

    the temps are just under 60oC for all cores and it runs stable on prime95
  14. You might be able to get much further with DDR2-800. You might be able squeeze a little more, but you might be getting close to its threshold. DD2-1066 might free you up some more headroom.

    Max Headroom. LOL.

    Sorry, couldn't resist that one.

    Try your multiplier at 8x instead of 9x.

    I have mine at 8x 500.
    VID 1.2250
    Vcore 1.375
    5-5-5-15 2T 2.0v
  15. i did look at ddr2-1066ram but it cost so much more for such little performance increase. i built my pc about 9months ago and i was on a budget. i think i did good but i got a ok graphic card, not the best and now im gettin the ati 4870X2.

    i just wanted to get everything else as fast as it can. and im quite happy now. i think i could get a little more out of it but im not the best at overclocking
  16. Still, that speed is pretty good and will serve you well. If anything, the 8x multiplier might give you a little more wiggle room, if you wanted to play with that. Most of those chips OC like mad and perform well as long as you keep them (and the NB) cool.
  17. thanks. im quite happy with it. i only got a 700W psu so i dont want to strain it too much cause of the new graphic card.

    i hope my pc doesnt blow up lol :D
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