Windows 98 usb storage device recognition failure. Help?

I bought a Maxtor 3100 external storage device to match the one i allready have but my Windows 98 wont recognize it(The old one woks fine on the 98 machine). Inicially I bought a iMicro 3.5 external storge device and 98 recognized it as a new hardware device but wouldnt accept the driver than 98 simply quit recognizing either of the new storage devices. Both drives work great on XP but i need them on my old 98 computer for other projects. Any advice?
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  1. Install the drivers for that new external device. They should be included on a CD or be available for download from the manufcaturer's web site.
  2. + 1 for ghislaing

    Windows 98 is so old it didnt even support USB when it was released . Later 98 se [ second edition ] did but you will still need drivers
  3. Hmm. Could be an issue of Windows 98 and your older system's motherboard not supporting USB 2.0.

    Maxtor was bought by Seagate. Here's their Support site, with a listing of "All Products" with 3100 in their name.

    Everything here is either an internal SATA drive, an eSATA, or USB2.0

    Here's a link to the troubleshooting thing for one of their USB2.0 drives not being viewable on Windows 98/ME

    Link to help find the right drivers for Windows 98/ME. Scroll down a ways and there are two links. One for current products, and one for older "legacy" products.
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