XP on SATA (i know its been asked but im at a complete loss)

ok, just built a brand new system. have an Asus M4A785TD-V EVO mobo. I have a hitachi 500gb SATA HDD. my problem is installing win xp pro on it.

it boots from the cd, and i begin to XP installation. I get to the screen to format/partition my drive and it just shows it as a 131GB HDD. that is problem number one.

i go ahead and format it for NTFS and it installs all the drivers. when it restarts it gets into a loop and will not proceed, as my system will try to boot from HDD and restarts over and over again. i never get to the actual XP installation.

ive read quite a bit about xp not supporting SATA and needing a floppy, but who has those anymore????

whats the best fix? should i just buy a new copy of windows 7 or something???

thanks so much for helping me with an age old problem.
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  1. You did not mention any error messages associated with the "gets into a loop and will not proceed" part. Is it saying "Inaccessible boot device?"
    If so, you are being held hostage by virtue of not having a floppy drive. You'll have to fork over the money and get a USB floppy drive so you can do the "Press F6" to install hardware drivers when initially installing Windows thing, and have the driver floppy handy to do that..

    If you don't get the above error, format your HDD with the manufacturers HDD setup program and let it establish the partitions and do the format. When Window setup offers to format your drive, decline selecting "Leave current file system intact"
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