GA-EP35-DS4 Question about the ATX_12V_2x Power Connection

I have a Corsair 620W Power supply and a GA-EP35-DS4 Mobo. I am in the middle of the build and I cant figure out weather to use the 4 pin 12V connector in that slot or the 8 pin EPS12V connector in that slot. Out of the box the board has a little plastic thing in one half of the ATX_12V_2X power slot...but In the manual it shows it as an 8 pin slot? Which do I use?

Here is a link that shows the slot I am talking about, Its the one in the Diagram that says 8-pin CPU power connector.

Also, I cant figure out if this board has a north bridge fan...the manual says to connect it...but I cant find a fan nor can I find a fan cable....
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  1. You have to use the 4pin or the 8 pin. 8 pin is more stable for processors that take more power. 8 pin is also recommended.
    The plastic blocker is to stop you using the the WRONG 4 pins should you decide to use the 4 pin connector.
  2. >>Also, I cant figure out if this board has a north bridge fan

    Did you buy one?
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