New build in 2nd or 3rd quarter of 08

I did my last full build in 2004. Since then I've done enough upgrades (FX-53 to FX-60, X800 XT to 1950 Pro AGP) to keep up with the tail end of tech. I know pretty much about the current state of affairs. What I'm wanting to know is if there are any rumored paradigm shifts in late 08 or early 09 I should wait for? I got burned on the AGP to PCIE shift when I built this rig I got now I don't want that to happen again. Any information on the following and time of release would be helpful.

1. ddr2 vs. ddr3

2. Perpendicular drives vs. Solid State drives vs. Conventional drives.

3. ATI vs. Nvidia - they're on a 3 month to 6 months cycle, I can follow that as long as there's not a whole new interface coming out. Is there?

4. Any quantum leap in chip performance.

Thanks in advance...

Da Worfster
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  1. Both Intel and AMD are bringing out new boards within a year reportedly, the AM2 and 775 are coming to the end of their life cycle. If I remember correctly, could be the end of the 3rd quarter or first quarter of 09. I wouldn't really think about anything else until the new chipsets and CPUs come out if you're waiting. Both ATI and nVidia will have new series out by the and DDR3 prices might even come down to earth
  2. Well, Nvidia is slowing their release of high end cards due to a lack of competition from ATI. They are, however, releasing their 9 series cards within the next couple of months, supposedly.

    DDR3 is still quite aways from being the standard, will most likely be another year or so until it is adopted and prices come down to a reasonable level.

    Intel chips that are coming out this quarter are your best bet for a new system. AMD is not doing too well and the new quads from intel are showing great promise.

    I'm in the same position as you pretty much. My system was assembled in early 2005 and it's just so rediculously beyond upgrading anymore. I'll be building within the next 60 days when nvidia releases their 9 series graphics cards and intel releases their latest 45nm quads. Just my 2 cents, but you shouldn't wait until next year to build if you've waited this long... don't drive yourself mad waiting any longer.

  3. i agree with beurling, i've been waiting too (old desktop was a p4 2.4 from 4 years ago). q9450 for me, i really want the SSE4.2 instructions from the nehalem cores, but i don't think i can wait another year or so. SSE4.1 for me it is. but i mean, with technology, they'll always announce something better when a product comes out, always the catch up game, im on a c2d t7200 laptop rite now, and its sufficing, but i really want to game on the new quad im building once the 45nm penryns come out. im really excited about the 9xxx series too, but the 3870x2 also looks very juicy. gotta see the benches and pricing before anything. waiting on my build within 60 days or so :)
  4. I would agree if you need it, buy it now. Keep in mind when the new stuff comes out in the next year or so, it will have a premium price and likely 6 months or so before it becomes reasonably affordable. Unless money isn't a major factor, waiting will realistically be closer to 18 months or so
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