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I currently have Corsair TwinX DDR 2x 1GB 400MHz C2 (cycle latency 2) on my computer (running on Vista home premium). If I wanted to upgrade the memory, what would you recommend :

1) Get another DDR module : Corsair VS DDR 1GB 400MHz (cycle latency 3).
2) Get rid of the DDR modules and buy DDR3 instead (I'll need to get a new mobo though, mine won't support it).
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  1. I wouldn't spend any money on old DDR ram. For the same price as getting another two sticks of DDR 1 gig, you can get a decent mobo and 4 gigs of ram. Maybe not exactly, but very close to it at least.
  2. Well, I'm returning the modules as they are malfunctioning anyway (I should get a full refund). If there's still hope of selling them, that is.
    The problem with a new mobo is that I've Socket 939 processor.
    And there's the Vista problem...mine is 32bit.
  3. What are you doing on Vista 32-bit that you need more than 2GB of RAM?
  4. So I need to do something extraordinary with my system in order to need more than that then?
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