Trouble with Thermalright HR-03 GT

Ok I just bought a Thermalright HR-03 GT :sol:
I removed the stock HSF on my reference 8600gts, removed thermal pad stuff and used arcticlean 1+2 following website instructions to the letter, then applied arctic silver 5.
Fitted the heatsink and checked my temps when running 4d apps and am still getting temps of 80c :??: (didn't let it get any higher because it didn't on stock).
I am worried about this because:
1) This is supposed to be able to run passively (safely)
2) I can't plug in the 92mm fan onto my gfx card fan socket and there are no compatible/free fan sockets on my BTX (damn you dell) mobo.

Any suggestions?
And is there any way I can put the wires into a molex plug from my PSU?
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  1. Also in case you're wondering why I put this cooler (which I personally find excessive) on this card, it's because I'm upgrading soon and will put it on the new card.
  2. Solder the wires into a standard molex connector, the fan will run full speed though unless you connect the 12v line on the fan to the 5v line on the molex
  3. Do I just match the wire colours?
  4. Alright I fitted the fan, not as noisy as I thought it'd be but my load temps are down to 49 max when overclocked :na: OMG. So pretty good then. I think its helping my cpu temps because the fan on the vga cooler is just underneath the exhaust for the BTX box cooler, and temps have dropped a couple of degrees when under load from Prime 95
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