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I pressed Start and tried putting my PC on standby (never had a problem before) An error message popped up and said the following: go to "Microsoft.netFrameworkv1.1.4322Update" to correct the problem and try again.. Before this happened I installed a pop up for Internet Explorer 8 which keeps showing up when I turn on my computer. Could this have caused the current problem?
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  1. We cannot be sure what the current problem is, please give more details
    BUT if the computer starts up and runs:
    click my computer
    click control panel
    click display
    click screen saver
    click power
    make sure you have the following settings enabled:
    Turn off monitor: never
    Turn off hard disks: never
    System standby: never
    click apply
    click the hibernate tab
    make sure the hibernate is un-checked
    click apply, click OK, restart the computer

    Putting XP into standby, hibernate, turn off monitor, will cause problems, disable them all.
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