Wich processor to choose (AMD 64 X2)?

Hi guys I have a question! I need strictly pro's to answer this one! Am buying a new processor right? So I was searching on two pages and found 2 same processors but one with lower FSB and cheaper. Athlon X2 6400+ BLACK EDITION Cache 2MB FSB 1000MHz or Athlon X2 6400+ BLACK EDITION Cache 2MB FSB 2000MHz? Wich one I choose? Or I just choose the 6000+ FSB 2000MHz with 400mhz lesser? Plz help!!!
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  1. they are the same thing, I suspect a typo on one of them. They are both 1000MHz fsb.
  2. X2's with a FSB. Now thats interesting.
  3. isn't the FSB to do with intel not having an integrated memory controller? or is that me not remembering stuff?
  4. OP: It's HT Link Speed.

    The HT Link is 1000 MHz, but it's DDR so 2000 MT/s effective. One has it written in MHz the other in DDR MT/s.
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