2mb/s read speed on hdd laptop?

Recently, my laptop started acting up. Files would take for ever to extract, loading anything would be super slow but once the stuff was loaded, it would be quick. I decided to run HdTach and see what was up... Here's the result:

Let's start the guessing game ;)

some misc info:

The laptop is from 2007, dell Vostro 1500 with a 120gig hdd, T7500 cpu (2.2ghz), 2gig ram, 8600M gt, dvd writer, dell 1490 network card and the motherboard, an intel crestline i965M, seems to run ICH8 and is at A06 revision (latest).

The HDD itself is a TOSHIBA MK1237GSX (111 Gig, IDE) and SMART reports are all OK on it.

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  1. Fixed my problem: Deleted the ide ich8m controller (device manager) and restarted twice (also installed newer version of the chipset inf, just in case).

    I had already tried deleting the "primary ide" but this time I went straight for the controller and it worked. Back at acceptable results of ~37mb/s avg read :P
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