Zalman cnps9700 nt/led, anyone experienced?

Hey guys, Anyone here had any experience using the zalman cnps9700 nt/led cooler?

The reason i ask is im getting very average cooling performance for a $100 AU cooler...
I use realtemp to read my temps and i have not had a single degree drop since swapping over from the q9450's stock cooler, which if any of you have seen is absolutely tiny. I would just drop it and say "hey its a bad cooler" but all the reviews i had read before the purchase stated it wasnt far behind the thermalright 120 ultra.

Thanks in advance guys.
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  1. Try reapply thermal paste and reset the cooler.
  2. warcry said:

    I use realtemp to read my temps and i have not had a single degree drop since swapping over from the q9450's stock cooler

    Is that idle temp or load temp?
    I'm using the Zalman CNPS9500 with Q9450, & it works great. The 9700 is bigger/better version of the 9500
  3. i have the same cooler. n im running OC q6600 @3Ghz with idle temp 37(max core), and 32 (min core). at full loads i never exceed the 60c point.

    according to them, zalman 9700 held the 9 position. and it is an old model.
  4. idle temp on average over the 4 cores sits at 48-50 according to realtemp.
    i know those temps arent massively high but they are the same readings as my stock intel cooler was, maybe 1 degree more.

    i think i may try reseat it this afternoon, although anyone that has used this cooler might agree it seems to be a difficult cooler to seat incorrectly.
  5. Can quads temp get stuck?
  6. yeah im pretty sure they can, but mine fluctuate pretty healthy.
    when its a freeeezing night they drop pretty dramatically.
  7. Maybe you 'incorrectly' applied the thermal paste
  8. i have a feeling i may have.
    i applied it very thin, it was the Zalman stuff, it usually gets looked over but its really good.
    I want to apply my paste as the AS5 instructions say you should, but my paste is in a whiteout style bottle with a brush so i cant.
  9. I've never tried the stuff that comes with the Zalman, but I've had great success with that cooler and AS5. Try some Arctic Silver and see if it makes a difference.
  10. I have that cooler running on an E3110 ....... @ 4.05 Ghz.

    It was a bit noisy at first when running full speed but currently runs 24/7 @ 1800 rpm and beautiful. Quiet, max temp after 8 hrs of Prime is 53 degrees. Very happy with it.
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