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Hi everybody, nice forum you got here
sorry I m not experienced in pc, so my prob might sound like joke for some of you
well I use to work on a dimension 8400 and recently I got a dim xps gen3; 3.4GHZ/2GB/250*3 GB (without windows or drivers installed on it)
I decided to put my old hard disk (the one from the dim8400) and that contains already a windows, drivers, my folders,...into the dim xps gen3
when I started the dim xps gen3, I can go to my windows but I connot use neither the mouse nor the keybord (but the keyboard is fine when I access to the bios)
I thought it s a problem of drivers but I just have the drivers and utilities cd from the dim 8400 pc
before making any attempt, I would like that someone guides me or explain to me the right procedure/steps to make it working properly
thanx in advance
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  1. You need to get a new Microsoft Windows license for your new computer.
    I'd recommend just buying a new Windows DVD.
    Moving a windows operating system from one computer to another is technically illegal. That is why you are having problems.
  2. thank you very much for this remark...never thought of it. I already have bought a windows XP dvd with my old dim 8400....I thought I always can install and re-install it! so if I m using the same windows since I just moved the hd from one machine to anothere; I m wondering then how I could break the law
    dont you think it is a driver problem...if so can I use the utlities/drivers cd I got with the dim 8400?
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