Is my motherboard dead??? Plz help!!

About a week ago I was on my computer, playing games with no problems. GO to bed ans wake up the next morning to find my computer off.. I was like "weird power must have went out!!" NO.. The computer will not boot.. I unplug and plug back in hit the power button, the case lights and fans spin for a SPLIT sec and off again. I have tried removing parts piece by piece and tried booting all with the same outcome..

Ok the motherboard I am useing is an DFI Lan Party UT3 250GB

You can find the full manual here:

There are 2 lights on the other board one light is on all the time (standby light) and the other light (DIMM Light) Blibnks when I hit the power button but thats it. I have tried 2 dif PSU's so thats not it..

If anyone has like 20 min to help me out with this it would be greatly appreciated!!

I do have a new computer ordered THANK GOD but would like to get this back up and running for the wife.
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  1. Could try different RAM if you haven't done so
  2. No I dont have any extra ram :(

    Not sure if its even possible but I did try to boot with no ram installed.. Same Outcome again..
  3. Can you borrow some from a friend?
  4. Could be a dead motherboard.
    Could be a dead stick of ram.
    Could be a bad rail on the powersupply.

    Only real way to know is to check against known good componets. Also, is your computer behind a surge protector or a battery back up (an APC). If your just behind a surge protector and if there was a dip in power while you were asleep your surge protector wont help in that kind of situations. If you plan on keeping your computer on during long extents of time you might want to invest in an APC battery back up. An APC is much more than a run of the mill surge protector; it will surge protect and do line conditioning which is the most important thing.
  5. N0cturna1 could also look on your motherboard around cpu there is some caps,they are cylinder shape.matter of fact there is alot of caps on your motherboard.see if any of them are puffed up on top of them.they will also go bad if you did get a power surge during the night.
  6. ^Yup. those caps blow quite easily. Thats why you should always use a surge protector AND a UPS.

    But to me it looks like you have a bad PSU. What was the PSU you got?
  7. Well I have 2 PSUs ans both have the same effect.. One is a no name brand and the other is Name brand..

    The night it happend it got to -60 outside so if could have been a power issue... I go now and take a look at the caps and see if i see anything.
  8. Yes 2 of the caps right below the ram slots have a slight bubbled top to them.. Im guessing thats it
  9. All may not be at a loss just yet. Check to see if there are any burnt spots or scorch marks on the board (check the back of the board as well). You can easily resurect the board by simply desoldering the bad caps and replacing them with new ones. Check around the town for a mom and pop electronics store to see if they will resolder in new caps for you (get solid capacitors). DFI boards are usually sturdy motherboards, so repairs might be an option you may want to explore. Otherwise this is a perfect excuse to swap out your core compents to revitalize your computer. You also might want to purchase a new reputable powersupply with either option you opt for and add an UPC to the shopping list too. Hope everything goes well!
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