HDD Repair (Broken Molex Pins)

A few years back, my brother and I were working on upgrading my computer, and we had to disconnect the hard drive temporarily. The power cable wasn't cooperating, and my brother gave it a good tug, and it finally came loose, minus a couple of the molex pins. Since then that HDD has been sitting safely in storage, but I finally want to see if I can do some sort of repair job on it and recover some old files... But I have no idea where to begin with repairing something like this, or if it is even possible.

Here's a couple little photos of the damage. Sorry they aren't very good quality, as my camera is pretty lousy.

As you can see, two of the molex pins broke clear off. I did a quick search, and it looks like it wouldn't be terribly difficult to order a a pack of replacement pins, but I don't see a way to connect them.

Does anyone have any tips, or do you think im out of luck?
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  1. Those pins are soldered to the printed circuit board. Try to find a broken hard drive somewhere, remove it's pins and solder them on the PCB.
  2. Or get a Molex extension/splitter/whatever lead, cut the end off (leaving about an inch of cable) then solder the cut leads directly to the PCB...
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