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Samsung 1TB HD103UI write problems

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January 4, 2009 3:23:10 PM

Purchased 2 new Samsung 1T HD103UI SATA drives to use as storage on my XP SP3 system. One of my goals is to backup my music collection which is > 100GB in size. I can transfer "small" amounts of data to these disks but cannot copy my entire music collection without the system hanging.

I have tried both disks, only 1 disk installed at a time, different SATA connections to my mother board, swapped SATA cables, low level formatting a 900GB partiion, and 3 300GB partitions per drive. In all cases, copying my music collection fails. I ran XP's check disk and it shows the 1TB drives to be ok. I have a pre-existing 280GB drive in the system. As a control test, I was able to copy the entire collection to this pre-existing drive with no problem.

Any ideas what my problem is? I thought about updating the ABit motherboard bios but the drives are detected. Not sure I want to "fix" the bios unless I"m sure it's broken.

What am I missing? I appreciate any suggestions you may have.

Thank you.

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January 8, 2009 12:12:53 AM

Did you fix the issue yet? Do you know which SATA mode you are using on the two drives? I think you would want SATA 2. In the BIOS, are your drives set up to use the SATA controller and AHCI mode?

I have found using AHCI mode to be easiest to use although it does require a slipstreamed XP install.

If you are using the "IDE emulation" mode in your BIOS, try googling "SATA hard drives" + "IDE emulation" + "data transfer" and see what you get.

I haven't had that problem but I own a Samsung 1TB (same model as yours) and it works fine so I doubt it's your drives. You tried 'check disk' but there are some disk utilities that would also do a test. I use SystemRescue CD among other ones to prepare and check my drives.
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March 6, 2009 12:11:18 AM

change Fat32 to NTFS,done!
March 26, 2009 8:24:26 PM

hI mduckett,

I've read your querie, with your samsung HD103Ui.

One question did you use a jumper ?

I ve tried one too to install; i still have to complete the install for a friend.
Thas what i will the the next time..

It may work, with a jumper.
Because it is a LagesizeDisk, it presume that it has to be set as Primary Master.

pls; reply to

Greetings from Zürich..