Samsung 1TB HD103UI write problems

Purchased 2 new Samsung 1T HD103UI SATA drives to use as storage on my XP SP3 system. One of my goals is to backup my music collection which is > 100GB in size. I can transfer "small" amounts of data to these disks but cannot copy my entire music collection without the system hanging.

I have tried both disks, only 1 disk installed at a time, different SATA connections to my mother board, swapped SATA cables, low level formatting a 900GB partiion, and 3 300GB partitions per drive. In all cases, copying my music collection fails. I ran XP's check disk and it shows the 1TB drives to be ok. I have a pre-existing 280GB drive in the system. As a control test, I was able to copy the entire collection to this pre-existing drive with no problem.

Any ideas what my problem is? I thought about updating the ABit motherboard bios but the drives are detected. Not sure I want to "fix" the bios unless I"m sure it's broken.

What am I missing? I appreciate any suggestions you may have.

Thank you.
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  1. Did you fix the issue yet? Do you know which SATA mode you are using on the two drives? I think you would want SATA 2. In the BIOS, are your drives set up to use the SATA controller and AHCI mode?

    I have found using AHCI mode to be easiest to use although it does require a slipstreamed XP install.

    If you are using the "IDE emulation" mode in your BIOS, try googling "SATA hard drives" + "IDE emulation" + "data transfer" and see what you get.

    I haven't had that problem but I own a Samsung 1TB (same model as yours) and it works fine so I doubt it's your drives. You tried 'check disk' but there are some disk utilities that would also do a test. I use SystemRescue CD among other ones to prepare and check my drives.
  2. change Fat32 to NTFS,done!
  3. hI mduckett,

    I've read your querie, with your samsung HD103Ui.

    One question did you use a jumper ?

    I ve tried one too to install; i still have to complete the install for a friend.
    Thas what i will the the next time..

    It may work, with a jumper.
    Because it is a LagesizeDisk, it presume that it has to be set as Primary Master.

    pls; reply to

    Greetings from Zürich..

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