How long does it take to formatt a hardrive?????????

Hey guys, GEEZZZ how long does it take to formatt a hard drive its been over an hour and i am only at 41%.
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  1. Well I would say if it has been over 60 minutes and it's at 41% it will take a total of 146.3 Minutes.
  2. looks like its going be a very long process for installing windows because i got 2 more hard drive to formatt.
  3. Quick format them.
  4. ...or you could format them after you install Windows.
  5. If they are new, a qick format should be fine but a full format is peace of mind (each sector will be tested for bad sector).

    I would do a full format for the OS but a quick to the others.
  6. Aye. Drives shipped nowadays are pre-formatted. All you have to do is choose the file system you want before installing windows, using a quick install. I remember that formatting 30gb drives seemed like forever, a terabyte would have me clawing at the walls. Install the OS and then use something like hdTune to scan for bad sectors, less time wasted that way.
  7. just be patient ;)
  8. Heh - I have a 1TB sucker... Booted to a C prompt, typed the Format command.....

    and then went to sleep. No way I was waiting for that!
  9. Do a full formart on drive 2 and 3 too, after you have installed Windows.

    In Windows you could start the formats on the two drives at the same time, and you safe time.
  10. I like Tonyp's idea. Let windows do the format on the next two drives. And I would still do the long format, just to be safe.
  11. well this is a single hard drive on this computer, my other computer i built has two hard drives.And now its not moving from 93% grrrrrrrrr.
  12. is it suppose to slow down near the end of a formatt like this still at 93% here?
  13. nope
  14. so are you doing a raid with the other two drives? In the other computer?
  15. ok i may have a problem then, what should i do?
  16. So your system has a hang at 93% of the format done?
  17. yes it's staying at 93% if thats what you mean what should i do?
  18. Well, that sucks. I've had the same exact thing happen to me before. I think you have no choice but to begin the windows installation all over again.
  19. Your going to have to reboot into the cd again and restart.
  20. how long at 93%?
  21. If it is hanging @ 93% I would try deleting the partition and recreating it then trying the format again... What size hard drive is this.
  22. Is the drive still @ 93%? I have had drives appear to hang during format before. I don't know why, I suspect it happens when bad sectors are found and the drive is reallocting its reserve sectors.
  23. It took me exactly 4 hours to format my 1TB drive...

    I did full formats on all my drives for peace of mind.
  24. Your system partition kept should be small anyway (<20GB). Keep no data there and install only small apps so that it can be incrementally backed up often. You then can choose larger cluster sizes for the data partitions and format them after th OS install.
  25. ok i have a question , now i am starting over,should i not do a large disk support, or should i enable a large disk support which would be my best and easiest option here to formatt my hard drive? Thanks for the help guys>
  26. cnumartyr said:
    Well I would say if it has been over 60 minutes and it's at 41% it will take a total of 146.3 Minutes.

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