Is this a video card issue?

Ok i just got the new 3950 512mb ice3 turbo from his. I think it might be defective or something. Sometimes when i boot up my desktop will be shifter to the right. All i have to do to fix this is turn my monitor off and back on. Also i get this weird green screen sometime. It will just go to this plain green screen with lines in it. Its weird. So im wondering if i should get it exchanged or is it something else that is causing this?
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  1. If you turn off the monitor then turn it on again, and it becomes OK, then I think it's the monitor. Go to an electronic store to see if they can fix it or just buy a new monitor..
  2. I doubt it's the monitor, however if you have another monitor, swap it and see.

    It also could be the video card. When you play games, do you experience any artifacts?
  3. it's the monitor. ur using a crt monitor right?

    i've the same problem until buy the new lcd monitor. it's perfect!
    (using hd 2600 pro)
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