Is this PSU any good? Have a recommendation?

SeaSonic SS-500ES ATX12V/V2.2, EPS12V/V2.91, 500W, PFC, 80+, 2PCI-E (6Pin), Power Supply - OEM

I know seasonic is a quality brand for the more expensive PSU's, but not sure about the low end.

This is for a friend on a very tight budget. I have talked him out of the very cheapest of PSU's, and this is a bit more than he wants to spend but is at least willing to spend $70.

Any other options?

I would imagine it needs to be around 500w as he plans on getting a 8800gt vid card (if he can afford it). Modular would be nice...
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  1. It still should be a quality PSU.
  2. It is a very nice Power Supply and the 3 year limited warranty is a nice benefit. I would not go for the super low end and would certainly aim for 12 volts on two rails, but personally however, unless one is a high end gamer, spending more than $40 on a power supply is like spending more than you need for postage. You can put a dollar stamp on the letter, but unless it is marked and handled properly it gets to it's destination at the same time that the regular priced postage does. In other words, the odds are about the same for PS failure, no matter how much you spend. There are those who differ in opinion, and they are welcome to spend thier money on whatever they please.
  3. The Antec Earthwatts is another excellent 500W PSU that is also 80+ certified and it $20 less.

    It is listed on this recommended list from a very good site on PSus:
  4. $50 after rebate (made by Seasonic) and will power any single card 8800 system and has a 5 year warranty. I have one and it looks great, plenty of sheathed cables, 33amps/450watts/80+ effeciency, easily the best PSU for $50:

    $80 - Corsair 520 with modular cables (only plug in the cables you need = less case clutter):
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