What air cooling would fit into the Thermaltake Armor Plus MX ?


I'm about to buy my new PC, and at first I choose the Ultra 120 Extreme air cooling

Then i find out that the cooling doe's not fit into the Computer Case :(

So what air cooling does fit into that case?

I'm thinking about Tuniq Tower 120mm or ULTIMA 90I
Can someone tell me if they fit into that case? and if not, what air cooling does?
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  1. Wait a minute, that case is a full tower, every air cooler should be able to fit in there. The Xigmatek 1283 fits in my mid tower Raidmax Smilidon with an inch to spare. These coolers are around the same size.... That Armor MX must be extremely narrow. You could always check out one of the OCZ's or Zerotherm butterflies or what not.
  2. No, the thermaltake armor plus MX is a mid tower. And it has a large side fan, which is why a xigmatek most likely won't fit.
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