BIOS will not let me go to OC settings. HELP!

Hey i have a e2180 intel dual core processor and for some reason when i enter my BIOS their is no option for

overclocking or changing FSB or memory or voltage or anything of that sort. I tried pushing buttons like

ctrl+f1 but tht doesnt work and neither does ctrl+alt+f1. I bought this computer premade and im not sure

what the mobo is. Can someone please help me out and tell me any other ways i can access the OC settings

by pushing buttons. My BIOS is Phoenix AwardBios CMOS.

Thank You :D :D :D
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  1. Most big name companies disable overclocking options. Guess you should have asked questions before you bought anything.

  2. What is the model of your motherboard?
  3. Download CPUZ and check under Motherboard for your motherboard model,etc.

    If you have a Dell/HP,etc you won't be able to OC through BIOS. However, in some cases you MAY be able to do a BSEL/volt mod to increase FSB.
  4. I guess it really depends on what you mean by "premade" If you bought your PC off the shelf at your local Wal-Mart, your BIOS options have deliberately been disabled by the manufacturer. This undoubtedly lowers their warranty claim rate as overclocking is a good way to damage a computer. If you bought it from a local computer shop that custom built it for you, you would most likely have all BIOS options available to you.

    Based on your description, you have an "off the shelf" PC and you will have no OC'n options.
  5. Is it a brand name??
    If yes
    It's too late to talk about overclocking
  6. damn
    yea its brand name off the shelf LOL
    oh well
    im proabably going to end up building my own computer
    i have a qustion, do you need a PCI-slot card when makeing your own computer and do you need power protectors?
  7. and whats this BSEL/volt overclocking you
    were talkin about??
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