does that build make sense?

mainly for gaming

> processor: AMD Phenom
> video: GF 9?
> memory: 2x2gb or 2x4gb ddr2 pc8500 1066mghz ***
> hard drive: 2x Western Digital Raptor 74/150gb 10kRPM 16meg S-ATA (RAID 0)
> audio: Creative Soundblaster X-Fi Xtrem Gamer
> power supply: minimum wattage??

*** from what i can understand, DDR3 is not supported by phenom cpus right? so the best ram i can get is ddr2 pc8500 1066mghz?:(
altho gf9 is not out on the market yet, what mobo would be the best suited in the eventuallity that i would like to SLI another gf9
i also plan on using this computer with my HD monitor (226bw syncmaster samsung nativ res 1680 x 1050) and also watch TV (with TV TUNER)
any advice?
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  1. bump..
  2. why AMD in the first place? and why AMD Phenom? its a crap CPU
    next week they gonna release intel Q9450 for like 280 bucks...which out performes Phenom by a light year. then u can use DDR3 or just keep it at DDR2.
    for DDR3 mobo is believe P5E3 is the best so far
    for a power supply check thermaltake toughpower cable management 750watt, im using one and its awesome
  3. Please don't kid yourself & get a Q6600 at the minimum for a quad-core pc.

    Fact: Phenom can't touch Q6600 at stock & overclocked. There's a bug (erratum #298) in Phenom that will cause instability, Fiction: but the Intel camp will tell you like this bug will occur before you put the cpu in, while you're installing windows, while you're running windows, etc. In a nutshell, those who don't own a Phenom will trash it. Just like those who don't own a Mac will trash Mac. People are afraid of things unknown to them.

    You can see user reviews at newegg, forums, etc. & you'll be hard pressed to find the bug causes Windows to crash. In reality, Windows crashes on everything.

    I'm educating myself more about the bug & it's clear to me that the bug won't effect the home desktop, but the server. The bug will happen if virtualization (runs multiple os'es at the same time) is used & the cpu is at full load. It has to do with the L3 cache. There's already a bios patch & a Windows patch to disable L3 cache with a 10-20% performance hit. The B3 revision/stepping is supposed to fix this. There's a rumor from a French site, then INQ that the B3 is still bugged. I would question the source. It's INQ after all. Another site says the B3 fixed the bug according to AMD. However, the B3 chips won't be out til April/May. Let's reserve our judgment until then.

    Sorry I sidetracked.

    No, AM2 & AM2+ won't support DDR3. If you want DDR3 right now, go Intel. Either X38 or the soon-to-be-released X48. If you want DDR3 on AMD, wait for AM3+. Maybe at the end of year. IMO, DDR3 is overpriced.

    Why not? Cuz memory controller is built into AM2/2+ cpus & it supports only DDR2. The DDR2/3 compatiblity will be built into AM3+ cpus so they'll be compatible with both DDR2 & 3. BTW, Intel will take the same idea & build memory controllers into future chips.

    No, your build doesn't make sense until you tell us what you use the pc for. The apps you run. A single core CPU with an adequate GPU can let you watch TV on PC. What kind of TV? HDTV? You'll need an HDTV-capable TV tuner.
  4. He's right... go for DDR3
    I just got a DDR2 800 setup with quad core and 8800 GTX.
    It's good but it wont touch a good DDR3 system.
    Also I can't SLI my 8800GTX's under X38.
    I think you should wait for X48.
    Im a newb but I still know DDR3 ownz :)
  5. Neebert said:
    He's right... go for DDR3
    I just got a DDR2 800 setup with quad core and 8800 GTX.
    It's good but it wont touch a good DDR3 system.
    Also I can't SLI my 8800GTX's under X38.
    I think you should wait for X48.
    Im a newb but I still know DDR3 ownz :)

    Yeah right DDR3 owns. It gives like 1-2% performace increase for 3x the price (or more!)
    Here's an example:
    That's DDR3 1066 with CAS latency of 7, timings of 7-7-7-18
    This is DDR2 1066 with a CAS latency of 5, timings of 5-5-5-15.

    The DDR3 is the same speed, with lower CAS and timings, and yet it costs twice as much (as the original price on the DDR2, not the sale price). It'll actually get worse performance, and for the same price you could have 4 GB of better performing RAM.

    My conclusion: DDR3 is not worth it right now.
  6. ok so got it for ddr2
    i dont understand why phenom sucks tho... im not a kingpin in those **** but i thought statistically, it was better than any intel... and it kindo always been this way no? so it would suck only because of a bug???

    this computer is gonna mainly for gaming, for using as a TV too

    for the tv thing, i basically wanna watch TV on my computer, so thats on my GF9 to be, on my 226bw samsung LCD
    so i would need a particullar TV tuner if i understand well?

    btw, im not retard, my english just sucks
    Tx a lot for all those answers!
  7. where have you been lately?
    intel burried AMD long ago...since they released the E6xxx cpus last year.
    phenom didnt even beat the X2 series...low speed...and bugged.
    take my advice and pick E8500 next week...u wont regret it. as those are the best for gaming...better than quadros even
  8. Ok, let me ask you something: if it were your 1st time to build a pc, would you expect no mistakes at all? Not quite. Quads is AMD's first. It's bound to have a few mistakes.

    It's also AMD's fault for not coming forward with the bug. They slipped out a bios fix to mobo makers around release date. When confronted by media, they downplayed the bug. AMD FAILED to let customers know the deal. Now the bug is blown out of proportion by almost everyone except AMD & the Phenom user.

    Don't be afraid of bugs. They exist in almost everything. Even Vista. Even Mac OSX.

    Take the words of those who have used Phenom instead of those who have never.

    Back on topic, so it's a gaming & TV pc. If you do multitask, you'll benefit from a quad cpu. Otherwise, a dual core is more than enough. Also, Crysis may run better on quads.

    Go with P35 mobo like DS3R/L & an E8x00 come end of January. You won't be disappointed. For GPU, go with at least 8800GT 512 or better yet 8800GTS 512. Look for deals. For PSU, go with at least a 450W 28A brand name. Or better yet a 500W+ for a bit leeway.
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