High temps for stable vid card overclock?

I was just wondering whats a normal high temp for a video card to survive. I know its higher than other comp parts, but my Geforce 6200+ still reaches temps that concern me. Mind you, i realize its worthless now and i can get a better one under like $50. But, it runs stable, with no artifacts, at even 120 degrees celcius. Hot enough to burn dust to the stock heatsink! lol... Im just wondering if the 6200 was an exceptionally stable card when its time was around, or did i get lucky with a tough one? I mean, when i tried the Crysis demo(torture for my machine) the card fragmented only when it hit 128 degrees celcius, but still runs fine. Im using riva tuner for the temp, not sure if it has bad readings or something... Has anyone else had more extreme stable running temps for a vid card? Oh, btw, its been overclocked this much since january 2007, so its had a decent run time as well. :D
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  1. WOW...128C???

    Usually, I get concerned when 70C is reached with stock cooling. I have seen many 80C temps on the forums with OC, but 120C+??

    Consider yourself lucky; although you might be suffering from a poorly mounted heatsink/fan or the fact that you have had so much dust weld itself to the heatsink to render it useless. :)

    If anything, it is at least working as a space heater in your case and might do more than you think to overheat other components such as CPU and hard drives without proper cooling.
  2. Well the rest of my system isnt overclocked, and if it says anything, the 6200 is the most expensive part of it. Its currently overclocked to core frequency of 511Mhz and memory frequency of 640Mhz. Default 300Mhz and 550 Mhz, respectively. So its been bumped up quite a bit. It may be starting to die tho, i cant clock it quite as high as i used to, it hits the same high temps at a lower clock frequency. But on the other hand, its more stable at the high temps. Thats partly y im wondering if the riva tuner version i downloaded is faulty or something. But, its gotta be on track cuz the heatsink does get too hot to touch, wonder why the card hasnt melted yet...
  3. Put a droplet of water on the heatsink... if it boils, Rivatuner is right :)

    Ridiculous temps! But funny/awesome :)
  4. Turn up the fan on rivatuner (if the card has a fan). Its too hot in my opinion.
  5. I'd be really scared to see any component in my computer hit 128C or 120C for that matter. You should use compressed air on the card or downclock it.
  6. well i had an 8600GT which hit 110C on load, and i played through crysis with it. but i was pretty sure the card wouldn't survive more than a year like that so i returned it and i'll be getting a replacement soon.
    my point is make sure no wires touch the card, and dont expect it to last very long :non: .
  7. Im building a new machine soon tho, so i dont care about it anymore. Im not gonna sell it to someone after this tho... And water on a on the heatsink, :lol: What happens when it gets on the card itself and it like lites on fire? :( Id prob have the same reaction as ron123 if my card hit that temp and had any value...
  8. That's why just a droplet. The heatsink shouldn't be electrically coupled to the GPU, so as long as you just put a little droplet on it, it should be fine. And if your GPU is really that hot, it'll evaporate very quickly :P
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