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"RAID 0 Volume Is Failing", What To Do?

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January 6, 2009 3:19:02 AM

I've only been using a Raid setup for a couple of months so please excuse my lack of knowledge on this subject.

I have two 500gb Seagate 7200.11 drives using Intel Matrix Raid to give me an 80gb C drive for the OS in Raid 0, and the rest for a D drive for data in Raid 1. I'm now getting a message telling me that:

"A drive in a Raid 0 volume is failing. Try to back up data immediately."

When I open the Intel Matrix Console, it tells me that it's my Raid 1 volume that has been degraded and that I need to restore it. It gives me the option to "Rebuild Raid Volume Now", which it says "Rebuilding the Raid volume will reestablish user file protection from a single hard drive failure." It also says "User files on the new hard drive will be lost." So how should I go about fixing this?

I have a third Seagate, an older 300gb one, as my E drive and I have already backed up everything from the C and D drives. Should I use the Rebuild Volume option in the Intel Matrix console? If I do that will I lose everything or does it do something like format the bad Raid 1 volume and copy the data from the good Raid 1 volume back over? Should I just format the entire two drives and reinstall the OS? Any suggestions?

Lastly, would you recommend not using onboard Raid? Would you recommend getting a Raptor for the OS and leave the 500gb Seagates for Data? Or should I get two other smaller drives for Raid 0 for the OS?

Thank for any help and sorry for the loaded question.

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January 6, 2009 3:02:58 PM

Does it not indicate which drive has failed? It is a waste of time trying to rebuild a failing drive. If you do go ahead it should copy the data from the good drive to the damaged drive to restore the mirror status.

January 6, 2009 3:11:58 PM

Thanks Mike.

That's something I forgot to mention. It gives me the serial number of the failing drive. What I forgot to ask as well is does failing me the drive is dying or is there just a problem with the Raid or partitions or something? Is there some sort of test I can run to figure that out?
January 7, 2009 10:07:04 AM

Safest is to replace the drive and test the suspect drive in a nonRAID setup by running manufacturers diagnostic.