Computer is flashing lights what does that mean

i have a hp and i thought maybe it was it was a power supply but it wasn't i have a green light flashing on the power supply i see one the keyboard is flashing ubove then
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  1. when you turn on the computer dose it beep at you? like 1 short beep, 1 long beep, 1 long 2 shot, any combination?

    or do the fans inside it just start spinning and nothing happens?
  2. hey!. i have a MCP6P M2+ Ver. 6.x
    and when i put the vga cable to my ATI video card, the yellow and the red LED indicator, flashes, like a police car lights, and it has no display in the monitor?

    what's wrong? my video card or motherboard? or my GPU is not compatible?

    i removed the video card and put the vga cable to the onboard display, and it works well again..

    is my GPU dead?..... this is my 3rd GPU used on this motherboard... i bought it on april 1, ...
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