First time overclocking (noob)

Okay here's the deal, I built my computer:

intel e6550 core 2 duo
western digital 500gb 7200rpm
asus nvidia 7900gs
2gb (4 x 512mb) DDR2 400 (I know crappy from previous comp next to be upgraded)
Giga-byte p35c-DS3R motherboard
Scythe katana 2 cpu cooler

Okay I need baby step instructions and appreciate any help anyone has to offer! thanks!
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  1. sorry correction to the memory:
    2 sticks of kingston PC2-4300
    2 sticks of Micron tech PC2-3200
  2. read the guide it helps.
  3. ExtremeTech has some videos for building a gaming PC.
  4. Hello, Dont consider overclocking until you have better ram, To overclock to a reasonable level you need at least 800Mhz, Im sure that your Mobo's chipset does not support your ram speed as AFAIk your CPU has a 333Mhz FSB therefore the lowest ram speed/Divider will be 667Mhz.

    Can you clarify what ram you have and the rated speed please.

  5. wow 7900GS....
  6. Okay I picked up some new ram:

    Corsair XMS2 Dominator TWIN2X2048-8500C5D (found a good deal)

    So now what lol. And yes I know video card is out dated but o.ced it does the job.
  7. 1066MHz is 1:SLIGHT overkill, and 2:simply OC'd 800MHz with relaxed timings!!
    oh well no use crying over spilt potion...

    lol my 7600GS OC'd 50% with the stock fan!! it plays everything i throw at it! (luckily i think crysis is a sh!t game...) so i wasnt flaming u or anything lol :P

    so NOW, what you do is make the timings 4-4-4-12, put the FSB at 400MHz and first off, lower the cpu multiplier to 7, then increase to 8 if stable :P hope it works! wonder y no one else has posted to this thread in a while lol
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