Sapphire x1900gt enough for UT3 ?

Sorry for this silly question but i cant really tell wheather a 1900gt is good or not.

I'm short of cash right now and looking to replace my geforce 6800gs .

My aim is to run especially Unreal Tournament 3, and COD4 maybe.

This card,a I can get for 60 US$

RADEON X1900 GT Specifications
• RADEON™ X1900 GT core (575MHz)
• 256MB GDDR3 onboard memory (1200 MHz)
• 36 pixel shader processors
• 256-bit Memory Bus
• PCI Express x16

Is it worth it?
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  1. ya, you can run it well but it also depend on your processor cause UT3 is multitreaded game, so dual core processor should be no problem.
  2. Thanks for input. I have a X2 5000+ Black edition, so I should be fine in that category.
  3. The X1900GT isn't far behind the X1950 pro and both still do good in UT3 and COD4. You'll be able to play them at high details at 12x10 anyway. For $60 it's an amazing card and would be better for those two games than a 7900GT or 7900GS.

    Look how well the X1950 pro does in those links. The X1900GT is just a little behind and shares the same 3:1 ALU to texture unit ratio, so would also excel in these games.
  5. Here you can compare the X1900GT to the X1950 pro in other older games if you wonder how it typically compares:
  6. Thanks guys! You are really great! I will sure buy it now, it seems like a powerhouse.
    Apperently it runs folding@home great too.
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