Turning on the computer since Overclock is strange

When I first start up my computer everything lights up, but no power to the monitor. (I know why, i'm not that bad)
I turn it off and turn it on again. it tells me to enter POST settings or go to the oc/ov bios.
I go to the bios, keep the same setting and restart

But this time it works and i'm able to work the computer with the overclock settings

what the hell?

Anyway, I have a Q6600@3.0ghz( 1332mhz)
my voltages are
cpu core 1.25
cpu fsb 1.25v
everything else auto.

Any help?
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  1. any ideas?
  2. Sounds like you have not locked the PCI-E frequency at 100Mhz in bios.
  3. It is
    I can change it but it's at 100 on both slots
  4. Is your vcore 1.25v? If it is its very low for a quad, I would set the vcore at 1.3000v, Reboot and run an app called Orthos and use grommacs core to test for stability for a few hours, I know a few people who need at least 1.4000v vcore to hit 3.2Ghz on their quads so i would start with the vcore first, Make sure your ram is at the lowest divider in bios and keep an eye on your temps.

  5. my temps are nice. and i'll try raising my cpu core to 1.30
    should I raise my cpu fsb aswell?
  6. Keep your FSB at 333Mhz, Try the vcore at 1.3000 and see if its stable, Quads dont like it over 3.2Ghz so aim to get it stable at 3.0Ghz with vcore between 1.3000 and 1.4000.
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