2 old HHD into new computer. Help

Hi i have 2x150GB HDD running in RAID 0 out of my old computer which the motherboard recently died on, the hard drives have vista installed on them and music etc.
In my new computer i have a 750 GB HDD and i was wanting to put the old drives into this computer to give me extra storage but didnt know how to go about it when they have vista installed on them etc, Im not sure if my new motherboard supports RAID 0 either.
I know i have Spare SATA cables and there is space for the HHD, So any help would be much appreciated.

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  1. Are you hoping to get the original data off of the old 150GB drives?
  2. if possible yeh, but if not im not too bothered about it because its all on my server its just odd documents which would be nice to have back, but there not desperate.
  3. Your problem lies in that they are RAID0. The new controller will have to be identical to the old one or the RAID0 will almost definitely not work.

    You will need to use GetDataBack, or equivalent, to reconstruct your RAID0.
  4. would it be easier to format them both? or is that not possible in a RAID 0 config?
  5. Just install them and reformat them through Vista. Since you're not that worried about the data that is the simplest way to do it.
  6. There will be no conflict on startup because there is a install of vista on both?
  7. If you don't need the data on the drives then download the Ultimate Boot CD. Burn the ISO to a CD with ISO Recorder or other ISO burning software. Install the drives and set the boot order to the CD drive. Use Active @kill disk to zero write the drives.

    Then boot to windows, partition and do a standard (not quick) format on the drives in order to run CHKDSK to mark any bad sectors. You will have perfectly clean drives that have been properly prepared for use.

    The zero write isn't a big deal because none of the striped data will be able to be read when you break the RAID. Technically none of the data will be able to be read on a non RAID drive with a format anyway, I just like to do a full wipe. Really all you need to do, as said, is install them and format. I would still do a regular (full) format.
  8. If the old motherboard had an Intel ICHxR chipset and the new one also does, then there should be no problems. I switched a RAID from ICH10R to ICH7R with no issues.
  9. From what I've seen, people have had problems when trying to run on different chipsets, but I don't remember the specifics. If the chipset is close enough, I guess it's worth a try.
  10. metalpenguin said:
    There will be no conflict on startup because there is a install of vista on both?

    If it is RAID0, then there is half of an install on each..

    If you already have all the data, don't bother recover anything. Just put them in place and format them with Vista. If the RAID metadata are still on the drive, you may have to delete the partition information first.
  11. metalpenguin said:
    Hi i have 2x150GB HDD running in RAID 0 out of my old computer
    ..In my new computer

    "Old computer," "New computer" are not particularly useful descriptions if you're trying to get hardware advice. If both systems have an Intel or even Jmicron Raid controller, the new system may very well detect the Raid configuration from the disc signature and recover the partition. I've had to move Raid 0 and 1 sets several times, and although it can take work (manually trying different cluster sizes) in every case the Raid pair worked, as is, in the second system. Otherwise, as others have said, just start over. Delpart and/or MBR /f may have to be run on each drive as a single before they can be made into a new striped partition.
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