Powercolor HD3870 512MB 256bit GDDR4

Will my powersupply be able to handle Radeon HD3870 with reference Heatsink and fan?

Shuttle SB81P

AC Input
100 - 240 VAC, 50-60 Hz

+12V = 3.5A rest of components

+12Vsb A = 17A (exclusive for video card use) Max power:204W

+12Vsb B = 17A Max power: 204W

Total Power
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    for reference of my shuttle xpc. I plan to get another computer this year. And transfer the video card later on. and make the XPC just for entertainment use for whole family.
  2. It really depends if you have a really low power CPU because that card draws a lot of power at full load almost 190W. But then you have a dedicated 200W gfx cable so you maybe ok. It's a mild risk but the main concern would be airflow because the card gets hot unless you use RivaTuner or ATITool to set the fans speed to actually cool it down.

    This link may help:
  3. Yep it says 204W max for each 12v rail. I know i got a PresHot Pentium 4 531. But the video card has exhaust too going out might help. 204W is still good i assume?
  4. Try using this link to see what your PreHot pumps out full load. you need idealy 50 W play because as you prob know the rated 350 W will lose Watts over the year etc...
  5. i got 76.48Watt result
    Case temp 46C
    CPU temp 51C
    Should be sufficient with 2 12V rails of 17A each? I be getting the card this week. Support says it supports even Geforce 7800GTX in Shuttle's page. AT the moment i cant afford buying a new computer.
  6. Just whipped one of my gfx boxes out of storage, it says 38 Amps or greater. With reference to this:

    And the fact you said it's supports the 7800GTX i would say it'll be ok as the 3870 is more power efficient. Sounds like your onto a winner ;). Good luck with the card, that shuttles going to have a massive wake-up call :p.
  7. YEP its last upgrade before i buy a new computer this year. I had my eyes on an AMD this year. The card arrives Monday or Tuesday from Manila. it cost Php 10,500.00 or roughly $257.00 with shipping already. Now All i have to do is save for a computer. I was thinking buying it from new egg. But its actually cheaper now here in our country. It's a miracle. I used to buy parts from U.S. because its cheaper.

    its mentioned in Shuttle.
    PCI-E nVidia Leadtek PX7800 GTX TDH 256MB
    .If want use the nVidia 7800 VGA card,please remove the original fan duct. That will be no problem on thermal performance. 2.The nVidia 7800 VGA card requires a 6-pin power connectors,For the SB81P,will require to use power converter (supply with 7800) which takes up two 4-pin power connector.
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