Athlon 64 X2 Black Edition 5000 reboots

I just purchased a Athlon X2 Black Edition 2.6 GHZ 5000 and replaced my Athlon 64 chip ( my motherboard is a Geforce6100M-MS and it is X2 Compat.

However, after installing the chip originally, my Windows XP Pro SP2 booted up just fine and then it stated it needed to reboot because it recognized a new CPU.

When I rebooted, the boot upscreen went well, then all of a sudden, it asked to start windows normally or in safe mode.

I proceeded to boot in Normal and then the thing just keeps rebooting!

Any thoughts?

Ok, another stupid thing too, is that the CPU did not come with the heat sink compound, so I scrapped what was on the other on off and used it screwing up because of that? Another thing is I tried to reinstall my original CHIP and it will not boot either!

Now, one more questions, what if I F'd up and reset my CMOS? Will that have any affect on my already installed Windows XP pro O/S?

Thanks guys!

Paul Krumrei
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  1. Re-using thermal compound...big, big no-no.
    Resetting your BIOS will not bother your Windows installation. Make sure the new chip is detected by the BIOS correctly (after you have of course bought a tube of thermal paste, cleaned and re-applied correctly) you may need to do an update if the BIOS does not correctly identify the new processor. It may be auto-setting everything completely wrong for the new Black Edition you installed.
  2. Thanks for the information. I guess I learned not to use that junk again!

    The processor is recognized by the MOBO, because I see it went it starts to boot.

    I will get some new thermal and see what happens.

    Thanks again!
  3. You will also need AMD dual CPU patch

    Go to
    Have you tried starting in Safe Mode? You could then try System Restore.
    If you have WinXP CD, boot into Recovery Console and run CHKDSK /? and run the repair option.

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