Overclocking my 8600gts with a Thermalright HR-03GT

I have fitted a thermalright hr-03 gt to my 8600gts. (Stock speeds core 675mhz, memory 1008mhz).
My temps with the new cooler and fan are down to 50c :sol: but for some reason I keep getting artifacts at just a 10% oc on core, 15% memory:
core 747, memory 1160.
How can I keep getting artifacts when my temps are down to 50c?
I've heard of way higher % stable overclocks on an 8800gt, could any of you guys tell me what you've reached on an 8600gts 256mb?
Any help greatly appreciated.
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  1. I have an 8600gts evga sc over clocked to 820 core 1776 shader and 1100 memory, with a cooler master heatsink. I've noticed that my card doesn't work past 1100 memory, most of them are rated at 2100 memory clock, so i would recommend lowering the clock to 1100 or 1050; in my case whenever i went above 1100 memory my screen would freeze or i would get a blue screen, but as soon as i lowered it back to 1100 all problems were gone.
  2. Just curious, what are you running to test for artifacts? Hopefully not atitool.

    I actually have a thermalright hr-03 plus on my 8800gtx, also, I have copper ramsinks, and my temps are really low, GPU= 46C idle and 55C max load, Ram runs even cooler than the gpu, haven't tested load but it idles at 39C so I'm sure it runs cooler than the gpu at load. Either way, I get artifacts any time I run atitool, even at stock speed. Been that way since I got my card, even before I modded it. But, I have never had any artifacting in actual games. Card runs perfect, no blue screens or anything.

    I've heard 8800 series cards don't work well with ati tool. Are you using ati tool?

    On a side note, those aluminum ramsinks are crap that comes with thermalrights hr-03. Thats why I upgraded to copper ones, and I used thermal adhesive to apply mine, so it's not reversable. I've heard so many horror stories about the aluminum ramsinks falling off it's not funny. Not sure how they cool, but maybe they aren't doing there job, or maybe it's just atitool. anyways, I would use Everest ultimate to check your gpu and ram temps, and if they aren't high, then I would ignore atitool.

    Not sure if this is out yet, but evga is supposed to have an artifact scanner soon.

    Anyways, hope you figure it out, good luck.
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