Having serious trouble with Striker Extreme!!!

Hi Guys!I have recently bought an ASUS Striker Extreme mobo.My problem is that I have a hard time trying to install Vista on it. I usually managed (finally...) to pass the 1st phase of the installation process (Copying&Expanding files,Intalling updates&features...)BUT after the first restart my computer slows down like hell, it reads my hard disk very slowly and sooner or later the install freezes...I removed all my RAMS from the mobo leaving only one 1GB Corsair stick in it in the 3rd or 4th memory slot... I even loaded at the beginning of the install the Sata driver for the 680i included in the latest nforce driver package. (15.08)

Yesterday I tried to reinstall Windows XPSP2. All my tries were corrupt...I have never had so many error messages during XP installation telling me that "this or that file is missing or became corrupted...".

I'm very frustrated now because literally i can't use my new computer... I can't install Win XP or Vista on it. I'm having a very hard time with this Nvidia 680i chipset...

If any of you guys have the same Mobo and can tell me any tips on how to install Vista or XP i would be very grateful!!!

I have RMAd the first StrikerEx mobo, had the same problems with this second one... AAARRGGGHHH!!!

By the way my system specs. are the following:

ASUS Extreme(ly) Sucker mobo
2*1GB or 2*2GB Corsair TwinX 800Mhz
ASUS EN8800 Ultra
Creative SB Xfi Xtreme Gamer
FSP BlueStorm 800W PSU
500GB WesternDigital 7200rpm Sata2
Plextor 716A (IDE) DVD-RAM
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  1. few things to try:

    1. Have you updated MOBO BIOS?

    2. Some Corsair runs at 1.8v and some run at 2.1 v. You need to find out what your set is spec for and manually set voltage to that level in your BIOS. Else post your exact model number here and we can look it up for you. If you have 2.1 RAM you mobo and it's only getting 1.8 this could be your problem. Common error recently. Well worth checking.

    3. Run memtest86 to test RAM. And stick with using one stick only until you sort this out.

    4. I tend to suspect an issue with some other component since you have exact same symptoms on two Srtiker boards. RAM settings/compatibilty comes immediately to mind. Is the BIOS setting it to run at 5,5,5,15? That seems to be what most of the Corsair 2 gig sticks spec for.

    5. Try unhooking all other devices while installing - no Xfi, no usb devices - only what is necessary to install.


    Just re-read about all the XP errors to at various places. I would try another optical drive before anything else. I have seen problems with windows installs very late into the install process that were caused by flaky optical drive issues - on an number of occasions I ruled out optical drive because the install got so far, almost finished, only to find out it was the drive after all - strange as that seems.

    If none of this helps I would try a different brand/model of RAM before giving up.
  2. Why were you so quick to blame it on the motherboard?
    I highly doubt it is.

    Check the HDD as it might be corrupt.
    The same thing happened to a friend of mine with a WD 500GB (WD5000AAKS). Turned out it was a faulty one.

    Try another one in there, as it's very likely to be your problem.
  3. why would the chipset be the problem??? I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with the mobo, it's settings that you haven't set up properly or faulty hardware.
  4. Notherdude!

    1.I have 1305 bios. I dont want to flash it because the last time i flashed it using EZ-Flash the mobo didn't post, just the vents were spinning...

    2. I have the CORSAIR TwinX 2048Mb DDR2 800Mhz DHX CL4 KIT. If im right it runs on 2.3V. Currently i use 1GB stick using AUTO on bios. I will soon turn the voltage up to 2.3V.

    3.Hmmm i dont know why but i have the feeling that they gave me back the same mobo with other serial numbers... Yes the memory runs on 5-5-5-15.

    4. I have already tried the installation with the Xfi removed... No luck, still froze... I use 1 pen drive to load the SATA driver (nvstor.sys)

    I think your best suggestion is the last because i had an issue with my DVD-RAM... I couldn't read the mobo's install DVD whilst my friends laptop's DVD-ROM could read it... Im thinking of buying a new SATA DVD-RAM and try the install with it.

    I read that Nvidia chipsets (680i) has problems with the SATA controller... Is it true?
  5. bash007! I have already tried to install it on an old SATA 150GB Maxtor... Didn't succeed...
  6. N8dogg! I have gone through the bios settings 1000s times... no luck... what hardware might be faulty???
  7. Quote:
    I think your best suggestion is the last because i had an issue with my DVD-RAM... I couldn't read the mobo's install DVD whilst my friends laptop's DVD-ROM could read it... Im thinking of buying a new SATA DVD-RAM and try the install with it.

    Hmm. Yea, for sure try another, if it had some reading issues this would tend to underscore that possibility.

    2.3 sounds high, check the specs and set it exactly - could be 2.3 but I don't see anything higher than 2.2 usually on DDR2. Though there may be exceptions I suppose.

    If you got a different serial number I doubt seriously they sent you same board - never heard of such a thing, though I suppose a very shady seller could do it, maybe? Nah. It's got to be something else. Try the different dvd drive and see if it helps. I got a feeling about that. And the RAM voltage.
  8. That mobo has 2 SATA controllers - same as my P6N-Diamond - connect the HDD to the silicon image controller - its defo supported by windows and gave me no problems.... Ive had those errors your describing before....
  9. WazzaUK! How do I know which is the silicon image controller? I have SATA2 HDD connected to one of the 6 sata port which are located on the lower right corner of the mobo. I see another single IDE port below the SATA ports...
    BTW I remember there is an option in the BIOS where i can turn on / off the silicon image controller... I think i left it enabled :)
  10. The silicon image controller should have different color SATA sockets - your mobo manual will tell you.
  11. Just find the SATA settings page in your BIOS and make your controllers run in Compatible or Standard mode instead of AHCI/Native. Install windows and when you finish just revert them back to AHCI/Native. Using UDMA0 instead of UDMA2 for your DVDROM might also help.
  12. I love Asus mobo's to death, but you should have done some research into buying the extremely buggy Striker Extreme. No websites (including Tom's) use the Striker Extreme for testing, they use the EVGA brand. Too many horror stories.
  13. try smashing it into a concrete block, that help me
  14. milk duds! Very funny.... That usually won't solve the probelm... I think i will buy the cheapest ASUS LGA775 mobo, move everything to that mobo, if it works than i will know 100% that the problem is with my Sucker Extreme...
  15. I wouldn't use a Striker Extreme is someone gave me one for free, I'd be asking for trouble and I'd most likely get it. :lol:
  16. Striker Extreme is the worst mobo i had in my life... Pity i heard so many good things about it... I fell in the trap... :(
  17. Can u make an exchange instead of buying another cheap mobo?

    Ive bought the Striker 2 Formula and its working like a beauty/perfect.
  18. Hm.. i bought a cheap mobo, will move everything to it... AFTER that i will buy another high quality mobo...
  19. The Striker Extreme has had the most problems out of any ASUS motherboard. I'm not surprised you're having a problem.

    You can get what I have, the EVGA 780i SLI, for about $260. Why waste $330+ on the Striker Extreme? Check the EVGA specs, there's no comparison.
  20. Hmm I think the issue is with the Nvidia Chipset.
  21. well everyone plz stop thinking in what ever from chipset problems to mobo problems its not the board its u u just installed some hardware without going to the ASUS manual and check wish Ram's can work with it that first 2nd i got this system: -ASUS STRIKER 2 EXTREME (cry tears of joy).
    -VGA (2) ASUS 9800GT ULTIMATE.
    -CPU CORE 2 DUO 2,66GHZ/ 1,33FSB Overclocked to 3,5 ;).
    -KINGSTONE 4 GIGS 1.066.
    -HD Western Digital 320gb SATA2.
    -3 24CM D.C FANS.
    It runs like a rocket even without overclocking i did run all games with zero problems from Crisis war head to Call Of Duty it is a tear of joy it will outperform any other p.c starting with one of my friends Gigabyte X48 couldnt keep up with so he sold it out for an ASUS STRIKER 2 FORMULA and it runs like a rocket ;) ASUS ROCK SOLID....
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