Xigmatek HDT-S1283 - Will it fit???

So, thanks to the chart posted today, I'm convinced the Xigmatek HDT-S1283 would be sufficient to toss on my Q6600 for the build I'm putting together, but I have one MAJOR concern...

I'm recycling my Lian-Li PC-V1000, and since the case uses an unusual configuration, I'm wondering if the HDT-S1283 will even fit in it?

I'm not sure how to figure this out... any thoughts?
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  1. For reference, this is the case in question...

  2. I know this isn't really addressing your question, but heat sink space is less often a factor of the case (unless you have a rather small HTPC type of case) and more a factor of the motherboard, and what components will be blocked/crushed.

    What's your motherboard? (And sorry I won't be able to offer any more insight, but hopefully that info would be useful to someone who can help you).
  3. SvenBoogie said:
    For reference, this is the case in question...


    That's one pretty Lian-Li. Beerzombie has a very relevant point, but I think you should be fine. I have a Xiggy and its not as huge as some make it out to be. A cooler that is a beast is an old Tuniq Tower (now that one truly does justifiy some case-fitting/mobo-fitting concerns).
  4. Looks deep enough to me. You could always measure the distance from the top of your CPU to the side of the case. I think the Xiggy height is given as 148MM.
  5. I haven't picked a motherboard for certain yet (feel free to help me out here...) but I've been getting recommendations for this one...


    Thanks for the replies so far
  6. That should be a decent one. I've heard good things about the Gigabyte boards but I'm an Asus man myself. The Rampage Formula is a nice board.
  7. The case itself needs to be 8" wide.
  8. I made sure I had 160mm of space from the top of the cpu to the side panel when I bought my xigmatek and put it in my aspire case. It looks like you have even more space on teh side than I do when I look at how much you have between the top of the pci card slots and the side panel. You should be fine, just make sure you have that 160 mm and you'll be good case wise.

    I would have to agree that you need to make sure you have space around your cpu too. My gigabyte ds3 worked just fine.

    I looked at your mobo, and I think it should fit just fine on that one. My cooler has plenty of room on my ds3 and that mobo is laid out quite similar. The cooler itself sits kinda high off of the cpu so you have room.
  9. It fits fine in my Antec 900. I would guess that it will fit. But idk about that mobo but I have a GA-P35-DS3L and Gigabyte boards are rock solid from what I've seen.
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