3850 agp, where can i get one?

i have read numerous articles stating that the 3850 is going to come out for agp.

some of these articles were saying that it was supposed to come out in november!!
where are these cards? i cant find one anywhere to purchase it!

and yes, i know, i know omg get pci its so much better

i really dont care. i have an opteron 170 @ 2.7ghz and a solid computer right now. i really dont feel like trashing everything and going dual core etc right now. maybe in another year or so. so right now getting the 3850 agp would be a much better investment for me. then i can keep using my computer for at least another year with this card.

right now i have an x1950 pro but its from HIS its the ice q one but it always crashes and gives me tons of problems. very frustrating.

so does anyone have any links on where to get this card? if so please let me know!
or if you know when it may come out, let me know that

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  1. They are not out yet. I am sure there will be quite a few posts here once they are available.
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