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Ok so i installed xp sp3 on another computer of mine, because lots of games don't see to work on windows 7 or vista so i decided to install xp. So it works fine and all but there is no internet connection. No matter what i do i cant get internet. I think it may be drivers or something but I'm not sure what drivers or what to do! Its on a old dell dimension 4600 if that helps.
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  1. look up the computer on the dell website by the tag number or model number. You can find the drivers on the web site. You can also look it up by the Ethernet hardware version. You can also find the driver on the motherboard manufacturer website (probably Intel?) look inside the unit and find the motherboard number.
    download the drivers with a working computer, put them on a USB drive, transfer them to the non working computer.
    Or look for the driver disk that came with the Dell computer, if you can find it.
  2. Click Start>run>services.msc and search for the TCP/IP NetBios Helper service and make sure that its started.If not then try starting it manually.If you fail to do so then its time to reinstall the OS.
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