Nokia 3360+Compaq Armada M700 laptop = Internet.

Hello ppl, you prolly wont know as I posted only in CPU forum before.
anyway a moth ago I bought a <A HREF=",4511,,00.html" target="_new">Nokia 3360</A> cell phone. it has an IR port which I used to connect with my kap top (compaq Armada M700) - windows xp emmidiatly say it is comunicating with "Nokia 3360" and another thing he did is add a "standrd IR modem" to my lists of modems. I found that VERy intresting an conigured my internet connection to use that modem to connect to the internet - and dialed :)
the connection is orrebly slow - around 1kb/s in avreage - but it can actully load websites and my instent messenger. I actully tried connecting from an open filed and fro a calculous 2 class at college - this is really kwel.
true wirless.

thats it...

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  1. You might be interested in an article published some months ago about playing around with a 3G device (a Qualcomm modem). In the area where the tests were carried out (a test CDMA2000 network with very good to fairly good coverage), the results were very positive: Wireless broadband!
  2. Why not just use a serial cable or whatever to hook up the cell to the laptop?

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