Lexus lfa? opinions?

i find it quite apealing but for the price of this thing would most definently take a supra and tune it up
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  1. The LFA is an incredible engineering feat. That V10 revs so quickly an analog guage can not keep up with it. I'd never own one myself. I'd get a pagani zonda cinque myself.
  2. they were comparing it to the 2010 gtr alot of pple said well, what would happen if you took the extra 200k you pay for the lfa and put it into the gtr then see who wins lol
  3. Well for sure the GTR would win then. The difference is anyone can get a GTR and only 100 people got an LFA. I heard Toyota lost money on the cars even. Also the LFA has one of the sickest sounding engines ever. The car looks crazy in person compared to a gtr. Last car show I went to had one there and I think I went back to it 4 or 5 times.
  4. oh so lucky lol they dont have many big car shows around where i am
  5. The technology that goes into the LFA is quite astounding. But in terms of raw performance the Nissan GTR beats the LFA.
  6. Wait until the LFAs replacement comes out. It's in the works right now.
  7. whats it going to be called?
  8. As far as I know no name has been released yet. My understanding is that there'll be a V10 again under the hood and there will be 100 built. At the same time I guess a skunkworks group is designing a new RWD car for Toyota. If rumours are true we might be looking at a new Supra in a couple of years. Multiple magazines have hinted at a 2014 Supra but toyota denies it. In the end it's all rumours but I'm still stoked about the possibilty of a new Supra.
  9. hopefully its not another oh we have a supra but its a concept and will cost a few 100 grand
  10. fantastik250 said:
    The technology that goes into the LFA is quite astounding. But in terms of raw performance the Nissan GTR beats the LFA.

    Actually the LFA beat a GTR in a 1/4 mile and 0-60. Maybe the latest 545hp upgraded GTR can beat it, but the LFA has not been updated yet either.
  11. Have you seen motor trend's LFA vs GTR vid?

    It was a great comparision. But price vs performance difference is ridiculous. The GTR has such a better value. Well, that is if you don't want the latest in technology.
  12. The price/performance is not ridiculous. The LFA is a much better car. It has a much better tuned engine, a lot more complex engineering, leagues more refined, and a lot more advanced than a GTR can or ever will be.

    A GTR is a show-off for cheap skates. Its cheap ***, take a crap engine, slap a turbo in it, add four wheel drive for less skidding and call it a day.
  13. whoa now, Crap engine? Now I didn't say anything wrong with the LFA, but GTRs are hand crafted engines, each engine will perform differently. In fact a $400,000 price tag to beat a GTR is totally unnecessary.
  14. The 400,000 price tag is not to beat a GTR, its to recoup costs of much more research and advanced engineering going into the car.

    By your logic, why not just buy a Civic, take it to a shop for a turbo upgrade and smoke any GTR?
  15. Of course, but I am not trying to butt heads here. I think the engineering is great on the LFA. And that's all I am going to say.
  16. To add in on the LFA with just the emotion of driving a vehicle like that vs a GTR is like a scalpel vs a machete. 600lbs difference will do a lot for steering feel. That with that incredible sounding V10 would be almost a religious experience for me. Is it worth $300k more than a GTR? Absolutely not. If I was worth over $10 million would I buy it over a GTR? Hell yes. Now the GTR is impressive for the price range there is just too much computer involvement for me to own one.
  17. i think we can all agree there both amazing cars
  18. ^Yes, I agree
  19. No doubt.
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