Palit 1GB 8800GT

I was browsing for a new VGA and saw this 1GB 8800GT (

Should I expect some performance gain from the additional memory or is it just a marketing stunt.

Also should I risk buying it or should I stick with a EVGA or XFX??

Last but not least, should i trust this new brand?? I saw a small article about them in THG some weeks back, but so far I haven't seen any benchmarks or quality ratings.

PD: $$ not an issue because it costs $2 less than the EVGA and XFX, also I do plan to overclock wichever card I get and will probably add an aftermarket cooler to it (I have in mind a TT DuOrb or a Zalman Vf-900Cu)

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Doesn't say WHAT KIND of memory it is though.

    It could be crap ddr2 or something....and in that case it would need 1024meg lol. If it is cheapo ram on it, avoid it.

    might want to see if you can call them and ask what kind of ram is onboard. if it's gddr3 then go for it, as it should indeed serve better at a higher resolution.

    Might have slightly slower performance in lower res though with the chip having to reference that much more ram. just my guess and I culd be wrong on that part.
  2. Check out the review at [H]ard OCP's website. The card uses GDDR3 memory by the way.
  3. He lumberboy, thanks for the [H]ard OCP review, the card seems to perform almost exactly as the reference design, so the 1GB is just a marketing stunt, but it overclocks pretty well to and it comes with a pretty good cooler too.

    I think I'm going to take my chances with this brand.

    If it sucks I'll make sure to let you know.

  4. Lumberboy said:
    Check out the review at [H]ard OCP's website. The card uses GDDR3 memory by the way.

    Yeah lol, the one case where I should have looked at the little pictures under the specs. hehe
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