Help with evga 680i LT

new build

EVGA 680i LT board

Intel quad core Q6600

2 gigs Mushkin ram DDR2 800

Thermal Take 750 SLI certified PSU

Artic Freeze CPU Cooler

system starts, have lights etc on MOBO, Fans running, GPU Fan running, but get a "no signal" on display i have done everything I know to do, reseated everything, swapped ram slots etc

I have read some pretty good reviews on this board, and some pretty bad ones as well. The bad reviews suggest several things to get it to boot.

1 reviewer said his system wouldnt boot until he installed a floppy frive, so after several hours frustration I tried that. 1 suggested a 4 pin connector to the right hand side of where an 8 pin atx power receptacle is. heck i tried that. Some reviewers suggested even more drastic that bordered insane IMHO

Any input would be appreciated to help me resolve this problem...

8800 gt works fine in this sytem im using to type this.

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  1. Do you have the graphics card in the black slot or the blue one? I believe the black one is correct for a single card.

    Also, this guide may be of assistance.
  2. I will give that a go ASAP, and report back

    Thanks for the quick reply
  3. also try with only one stick of ram
  4. Does the system POST with any kind of beep pattern - single short beep (good) or any other beep pattern (bad)? Or do you have the typical symptoms of a dead system - maybe lights and fans but nothing else?

    If you have an eVGA 680i board, it should have a 2 digit hex LED display locatedin the lower right corner (motherboard mounted normally in an ATX case). What is that telling you?

    When I was tweaking my 680i board, I enabled the floppy in BIOS, but left it disconnected. It would successfully POST (single short beep), detect all the drives, detect the missing floppy drive, and ask me if I wanted to continue [press F1] to boot or enter BIOs [press DELETE]. At that point, the LED display would show "7F". Pressing [F1] will change the LED display to "FF" and start loading Windows.

    I left the floppy enabled so the system would hang to give me time to press the [DELETE] key.

    My 680i (Rev. AR) has 2 black PCI-E slots - both X16 - and one blue X8 slot. The primary slot (recommended for a single video card) is the black one closest to the CPU. It should work in the other slot. I'd try that on mine, but in my smallish case, the hard drives block access. Next vacation to the US, I am going to bring back an Antec 900 case. I can't find Antec cases in Saudi Arabia.

    The AC Freezer 7 Pro is an excellent economy cooler, but I doubt if you can OC much past 3 GHz with all 4 cores fully loaded and with reasonable temperatures. I was able to get to "only" 3.3 GHz with mine. I am not sure the the extra 300 KHz was worth the $70 for the TR Ultra 120, but a 50% OC sounds so much better than a 37% OC (eat your hearts out, AMD fanboys).

    Based on experiments with my system, I suspect that past 3.0 - 3.2 GHz, gaming performance will be pretty much GPU limited. So not being able to OC your CPU to the limit will not have much practical effect.

    tlmck, I edited the guide to add more information about how to manually troubleshoot a suspected bad PSU.
  5. Whoops, system details in signature. Jet lagged. Got back from vacation late this morning - 8 time zones, 26 hours, Dallas to Saudi Arabia. Could be worse. I could be from Australia.
  6. Getting ready to tear into this again... Has been 1 frustrating build, My 6th build and by far the most frustrating.

    According to the link tlmck provided, this particualr board has a built in speaker.. i am getting no beeps

    The manual, if you can call it that is more like a flyer, pamphlet et and calls for the GPU to be placed in the PCI slot closest to the CPU..
    Both PCI slots are black on this card?

    bought this ram, beginning to think its incompatible

  7. Copied and pasted the below from a review,,, AM I out of luck if I have the Ram Listed above?

    One of the changes that you can't see here is the change in memory compatibility. The fully fledged 680i SLI will support SLI-Ready memory of upto 1200MHz, as well as 'regular' 800MHz DDR2. The LT version will only support SLI-Ready and regular memory of up to 800MHz.

    Another reviewers remarks below

    Major differences include support for DDR2-800 speeds ONLY as opposed to DDR2-1200 on the full priced 680i SLI chipset, support for only one Gigabit Ethernet port and only 8 USB 2.0 ports instead of ten. The DDR2 speeds isn't really an issue since you can still push the memory bus up to 1200 MHz and beyond speeds, you'll just have to do it manually instead of automatically with EPP (extended performance profiles) memory modules.

    I am on my last nerve
  8. RMA'ed it
  9. What do you plan on replacing it with?
  10. I RMA'ed it for the same model,,, this one works, but will not boot into the windows XP set up disc,

    can get to bios, set CD Drive as 1st boot device,,,, Drive is spinning but nothing loads?

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