Gigabyte or Asus MOBO - What would you choose?

Hello everyone,
I’m about ready to build my first PC. This will be a PC for work.
I will use it for video and photo, no gaming. It will run Adobe production studio premium CS2. These programs are resource hog’s to say the least. Tyran and Supermicro MOBO are over my budget, as is Quadro video cards. What I’m looking for is good Raid 5, 5 or more sata, esata, at least 6 USB and 2 firewire. So I’ve narrowed the MOBO down to GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS4 and Asus P5K deluxe. At newegg the Gigabyte has better customer satisfaction than the Asus. My question is which one would be better for a beginner like myself in easy of use (setup bois), more stable and reliable? Will appreciate any and all opinions.

The rest of the system is
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Wolfdale
Radeon 3850 512MB
PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750 Quad
3 HDD raid 5
At some point I will add Matrox RT.X2 which rules out MSI boards
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  1. Personally i would get an ASUS ... but Gigabyte have solid P35 boards also...

    For ASUS P5K-e OR P5K (less features)
    Gigabyte any of the P35 range with the features you want
  2. Gigabyte. You can't go wrong.
  3. Can't go wrong with Asus either. I've had two Asus boards now over the past 5 years. Both have been awesome and I've never had a single problem related to either motherboard.

    Though I've never personally owned a Gigabyte board, I'm sure they're good too.

    I'd probably get whichever was cheaper between those two if I were you. Personally, I'll always go Asus.
  4. Currently have six ASUS boards running:

    A8N32-SLI Premium NF4 939
    A8n-SLI NF4 939
    NF3 deluxe 754

    All work perfect. (A lot of processors, video cards and RAM to run all these.)

    I built a few Gigabyte boards, but I prefer ASUS's American Megatrends BIOS over Gigabyte's Award. I would have to say ASUS offers some excellent enthusiast oriented MB's over the years and their new X38's have a new look BIOS I find to be an excellent improvement over past BIOS editions. It's mostly about user preference, ASUS vs. Gigabyte. The chipsets are the same.

    Edit: I have a seventh ASUS board running. Socket A Deluxe NF 2 with an Athlon 3200 2.2 ghz. CPU and a 5950 Ultra.
  5. I have an old Asus board myself, be running it for 5yrs. So I thought okay I will get another one. But then I read all the reviews on newegg and P35 and X38 chipset boards and wow lots of problems and issues with them. I'm feeling pretty confident about putting the PC all together. It the software set up in the Bios I'm concerned about. I've read such horror story. Is one Company's software easier to set up or recover from a mistake? I don't plan on over clocking right away. Does the built in Raid actual work on these boards?
  6. I don't have any of the problems you mentioned with any of my boards. ASUS is pretty good with providing BIOS updates with quick fix solutions to any problems which may crop up and also the company is quick to provided new processor support. I once RMA'd a Gigadud and the company sent me a used board with Artic Silver smeared all over the socket. I complained and sent it back. If I was to set up a RAID array I would use a third party controller. You could move the controller to other boards if needed. Otherwise, sure...why wouldn't onboard RAID work? If you are reading newegg reviews, a lot of the reviewers really do not have a clue what they are talking about. "This CPU is wicked," (not bothering to list a single system spec), Hey, "why's my MB on fire!" "Can I still get a refund if it's melted a little?"
  7. I prefer Asus
  8. if your not doing any gaming then there will be no difference between a $30 video card and a $300 video card - you can save a few $$$ there and get a basic nvidia 7200/7300 or ATi equal, and get a Q6600 and some more ram maybe, as for motherboards, Gigabyte P35 or ASUS P5K-SE would be fine, both are solid brands and tough nuggets.
  9. I agree with apache.
    The Q6600 is actualy a better buy right now no matter what you do with your system, just today I got a new G0 stepping Q6600 from ebay for $247 shipped.
  10. Get Gigabyte
    Asus is not trustworthy anymore,5348.html

    Asus trying to fool again and again.
  11. GA-P35-DS3L. get a weaker psu unit, an antec neo he 430w will be more then enough. get a 550w if ur afraid. pc power and cooling is a prestigious brand, its pricey, so buy it because its future proof not because ur afraid u wont have enough watts. ur system wont ever hit 300w real world. antec neo he 430w has 3 16a rails for a total of 48amps.
  12. Both are good quality manufactures. But recently ASUS reputation has been scared due to the EPU thing. But I still would recommend either manufacture to any one who isn't high about energy saving,etc (which includes OCers)
  13. Asus has been going dowhill before the EPU thing.

    I prefere Abit myself, my last gigabyte was DOA
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