Intel up a buck and half

buy it while you can - you should get a second chance in a month give or take a week!

still 100% - intel bonces off upper 18 range currently above 20/share

dragonsprayer said:
intel will not go below 18 and may trade in the upper 17 range. i expect intel will bottom soon and trade between 18 and 22 until march or april until it resumes it way up above the $27 and some change, area

the die shrink and cost cutting will pay off more and prices will rise with 1600fsb adoption
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  1. Hi dragonsprayer - Actually, they were up $1.35 at the close and unless you're daytrading, that doesn't mean much. The whole market rebounded today. They're still down significantly from just last week. The interesting news today was speculation of a merger between AMD and IBM. Big Blue must have read the Tom's article about AMD being ripe for a take-over ;-) ...stevenpchurch
  2. hmmmm with IBM's tech and AMD's fabs, that could be scary news
  3. They also say it's unlikely to happen.

    But then AMD/IBM spokepersons refused to comment on the possibility...
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