Reformat hard drive vista 64 went okay but computer shut down during reinstallat

ran into tons of problems finally during reboot the HP gave the option of restore computer to the manufacturer condition. I think the reformatting went fine, it went on to reinstall pre....something something, took a long time, could be hung up I couldn't really tell, then the computer just abruptly shut down. My HP has the tendency of shutting down when it runs itself to overheating? (Overtime it could've contributed to the poor conditon of this HP.) Can someone tell me how to get through the entire setup process so the HP will be as when it was new? If it can't get the job done before the darn computer gets into overheat and shuts down, it seems I'll never be able to have everything in place to be able to use this computer again!
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  1. Is it laptop? Make sure u its fully charged and on charger!
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