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I just upgraded to an XFX 6870 dual fan edition.

I have an:
LGA 1155 ASUS P8p67 LE motherboard
2 gigs of p67 rated gskill 1600mhz ram running at rated everything fine
i5 2400
600w ocz modxstream

3.0gbs 640gb sata hard drive: LINK to HDD

My previous video card was an 8800 gts 320mb

Ok now my issue:

After upgrading I reformatted my PC. In the UEFI bios I have always seen "Windows Boot Manager" with a UEFI ribbon across the top.

The issue is that now with the 6870 after the bios screen, the cursor that blinks usually just once in the upper left corner before loading windows now blinks when windows is loading (at the splash screen). It blinks 3 to 5 times then stays solid. Before installing my realtek audio driver it wouldn't stay solid - it would blink three more times after the normal one blink (where you hit F8) and disappear.

Is this something to be concerned about? I am using the sata 6.0gbs cables with my sata dvd-rw drive and the 3.0gbs Sata drive. Should I use the older sata cables that came with my last motherboard (a8n-sli premium)?

This video shows the screen where I have a blinking cursor (3 to 5 blinks, then solid) in the top left hand side of the screen: youtube video
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  1. By blinking cursor it looks like you are talking about the Windows startup image correct? Looks perfectly normal.
  2. +1 looks like a normal W7 startup while it loads drivers in the background.
  3. while its loading windows there is a blinking cursor in the top left corner. A blinking white underscore character. It used to not be there.

    The video I linked to you shows the screen, but not the cursor. I said that's the screen where the cursor appears in the top left - and blinks 3-5 times. I know it's not in the video, but mine has it - is that normal?
  4. Why link the video when it does not show the issue? That video just threw everyone off course here.

    The blinking cursor usually happens when Windows can't boot off the boot sector but can find it. It's not an issue if you get past that part, it would be if that's all the PC did. Although it won't hurt to run an error scan on the drive just in case.
  5. Maybe its the ghost of your old 8800gts sending you a message lol. I wouldn't say the cursor blinking is normal, but I'm not sure why it would be or if it would even matter. Usually does show up when it's taking a couple extra seconds to read the boot sector, so an error scan might be a good idea.
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