NVidia GeForce 8800 GTX HDTV Resizing Issue

I currently have my system displaying over a 47" Toshiba Regza HDTV. After upgrading my GTX's drivers to the latest release I can no longer get the display to fit on the screen correctly. I have to resize the screen over NVidia's Control Panel whenever I shutdown, restart, or run a game. The desktop is too small, and the games are stretching out too far. I can fix the desktop by resizing but the games always run too large. The older driver I had installed works fine but crashes from time to time. Has anyone else experienced this, or know a solution (other than installing the old drivers)?
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  1. Yes I have a 27" that I do most of my stuff on except gaming and I have to use the 93.7 driver to make it scale correctly. I just haven't taken the the time to figure out why.
  2. Ok! I install driver 169.21 without removing 93.7 and rebooted and it kept the correct settings, I'm using just one 7800gt on this machine.
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