what motherboard is the best for gaming and speed + overclockage?????

I am building my first pc. And want to play crysis and other new games at very high settings with a decent frame rate. What do you suggest in mother boards also is the evga 780i A1 motherboard great or could I do better.

one more thing do you think I could get a 8800gtx for 300$ after june? or will the price still be the same?
thanx :pt1cable:
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  1. Wait for the 790i (in april or so) or go for X38 or x48 if you don't need SLI, I read the intel chips where better at overclocking the Intel quadcores.

    If you wait prices will drop but then you could wait till the new card drops till next winter etc... ;-)
  2. if u want to play crysis at very high setting u'll be better off with the upcoming ATi 4000 series (4850,4870 or 4870x2)
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